by Alina Rada

“The colours caress the soul and shapes flatter the spirits”

Founded in March 2016, in the heart of Bucharest, in a picturesque house, located in Maria Rosetti str., AzurArtStudio proposes you decorative creation workshops, for adults and children, with a different approach- regarding the techniques, materials and also the visual-artistic effects.

This Studio was born naturally, as a result of experience and lessons accumulated during the last years in Bucharest, associated with the recent ones from Peloponnese, Greece, as part of  International Association “Art Café Group” Stoupa, Mani, and of course & obvious from the passion for colors and shapes.

“Azur” induces thought to: Sky, Serenity, Peace, Sea, Calm, Relax , Holidays, Laughter and Wellbeing.



What can be done here?:

•    painting and decorative design on various supports: paper, canvas, glass, ceramics, glassware, stones, woods, tin, tables, furniture, aso.(Art & Crafts);
•    modelling / moulding in different clays (polymer clay, paper clay, aso.);
•    manufacturing jewelry, different clay ornaments & accessory;


Benefits & Advantages:

These activities stimulate the imagination, dexterity, creativity, spiritual development, relaxes, order the thoughts, ideas, “cultivate” the artistic sense.

Entertaining- Hobby: finding, developing, expanding a tangible creative preoccupation, which gives the satisfaction of  personal involvement and express conipletion;

Discovering and learning a new activity, different from those so far, with chances to become a paid profession, job.

The objects manufactured here can be further used by yourselves, or offered to the beloved ones and/ or, why not- even sold.

AzurArtStudio provides all you may need here: colors, materials, brushes, tools, equipment, oven, accessories, and last but not the least: the “Know How”.

Therefore, the Story of AzurArtStudio maturated in Peloponnese,Greece is arrived in Bucharest, in the laboratory of your emotions, where you can always experiment.

Let’s stay in harmony with ourselves, by giving us the chance to experiment new things and activities, which offers  the “Savoir de Vivre”, chasing away the boredom and inciting the spirit to remain young and happy!



“I’m mouldling and painting”- I exist and create!

Recipe: 1Kg Passion/Interest +  1g Talent + 1g Luck + ?g Theory/Courses + ?g Practice /Work = Success AzurArtist!

The Beauty and Talent are… relative, the Individual Perception… makes the difference!